Last February, before the primary election in March, I met Dana Boehm at a candidate forum in Taylor. Dana is a business owner in Norman’s Crossing, and her family’s farm has seen 100+ years of success. I am so proud to have received her endorsement and support.

I realize I could lose clients over this but when you are put in a place where your and your loved one’s businesses are threatened, you are pushed to the point to take a stand. As Wilco picks cotton, the Boehm’s whole heartedly pick Blane Conklin. For conservative folks like us to find hope and respect in another party candidate speaks volumes. My brother and I have never talked politics in our lifetime until the last 12 months. We have never put out political signs until this year. That’s just not our style.

But for my brother to volunteer we have to vote these good ole boys out or we are done with desperation in his voice showed how open all of our eyes are; how disrespected and dismissed we have felt from most of those in office and running in the Republican Party. They can’t seem to listen or see past greed, ego and the good ole boy deals they’ve made. They have arroganty said that we are too narrow-minded to know what is best for us. We have 100+ year old, successful businesses so I think we are doing alright thinking for ourselves. They have voted against us. It’s our time to vote against them.

I can take a lot, but for the people I respect and honor the most to be ridiculed, belittled and denied the very basic respect when all they are doing is asking questions about their home, business and children’s future well things have to change. That is not what I see as conservative values or values at all for that matter.

I am a hard-headed, Christian Aggie but I don’t get voting a party just because of their party declaration. Voting for democrats does not mean I or they are pro-abortion or for Wilco becoming a bunch of sanctuary cities.

Blane Conklin has been consistently humble, respectful, available, quick to listen and learn, for the regular little guy change Williamson County needs. The current Republican players are too busy arguing over egos and power amongst themselves to remotely address their constituents.

I could write a book on his opponent and the disrespect he has shown us but this post is about gratitude to someone who connects with and gives us little guys the voice and fighter we have not had in decades.