CAMPAIGN UPDATE: The race for Williamson County Judge now has a third candidate, and the opening for Blane Conklin couldn’t be clearer.

William “Bill” Kelberlau styles himself an “Independent Republican.” He is proud to be a life member of the “Constitutional Sheriff & Peace Officers Association,” a fringe group that includes disgraced former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a criminal who had to be pardoned by Donald Trump.

Bill joins William “Bill” Gravell who is not only far too extreme for our County, but lacks any of the basic background to run our Commissioners Court. He kicked off his campaign by standing on the Williamson County courthouse steps and saying “Trump was right about one thing, we do need a border, but that border needs to be between Williamson County and Travis County” (KVUE, Dec 2, 2017).

Both Bills are just too extreme, and don’t represent the values of Williamson County.

Blane Conklin (Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago) is a senior analyst at the University of Texas Office of Employee Benefits, which manages the insurance and benefits for 125,000 employees and retirees across Texas. He serves on Round Rock’s Historic Preservation Commission. He is the leader you can trust to govern seriously, to represent every person in Williamson County regardless of belief or background, and to manage our dramatic growth with balance and experience. This is his first time running for public office and he is the only candidate in the race with the qualifications for a job this important to our families.