Back in April, I knocked on doors in the neighborhood where our family moved 15 years ago. We were able to buy our first home here. Our daughters were 2 and 5. They grew up in Round Rock public schools. We felt welcome then, and have been proud to call this our home town.

We chose to move to Williamson County because of the quality of life it offered: good schools, affordable housing, and safe neighborhoods. Hundreds of people make the same choice every month. This is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.

As your next County Judge, I will be proud to offer a welcoming hand to all who choose to seek a better life in this county and make it their home. We cannot and should not try to put up an imaginary “border” that would exclude those who have political views, religious beliefs, skin color, or socio-economic status that is not to our liking.

In Williamson County, we will move forward together.