Nearly every day I meet people who tell me they are politically independent. They vote for the person, not the party. Many of them admit that their vote has often been for the Republican candidate, though this year they are having second thoughts.

Ricky Bendle is one of those people. Ricky is a retired police officer, and is working on earning his pilot’s license. After we met a few weeks ago, Ricky sent me this unsolicited message. I have his permission to share it here:


It was wonderful to meet you yesterday, and spend a short time discussing life. I was impressed with your humility.

Your approach to getting out and engaging your constituents in person is refreshing. As I am a registered Independent, and I traditionally cast my vote for the Republican Party, I can honestly state you have my vote.

You don’t fit the traditional mold of the two party candidate system we find ourselves in today. Voting for you would be a vote for our community as a whole.

I will impart my view of you as a candidate to those I know, in hopes of them obtaining the understanding of what you will bring to our county/community.

Your varied life experiences and the personal interaction with your campaign make for a knowledgeable, and personable candidate. The fact you are not a career candidate, also adds to my decision to cast a vote for you and being slightly proactive by informing friends and family of your positive candidacy.


Ricky Bendle”

To win in November, I need the support of people like you and Ricky Bendle.