Responsible Budgeting and Smart Growth

The County Judge and Commissioners Court have a responsibility to protect the hardworking families of Williamson County. As one of the fastest growing counties in Texas, we face challenges that require a thoughtful, proactive approach. We need to balance the tax burden on property owners with the growing responsibilities of the county to ensure the quality of life we enjoy will continue for our children and grandchildren.

Public Health and Safety

The men and women who work on the front lines responding to emergencies, enforcing the law, and providing critical help to those in need are the heart and soul of Williamson County. We have a responsibility to see that they have all the resources they need to protect our families and neighbors. The County Judge is the chief emergency management official in the county. I will make Williamson County’s emergency preparedness one of my top priorities.

Infrastructure and Transportation Solutions

The dynamic growth of Williamson County requires foresight and preparation. We have a responsibility to keep pace with this growth in our planning for roads and bridges across the county. This effort demands cooperation with our cities, surrounding counties, and the state. Regional mobility is a constant challenge, but one that is key to the quality of life we want in Central Texas.

Clean Energy Economy

Williamson County has the opportunity and the responsibility to explore ways to lead in the clean energy economy of the future. The benefits of a forward-thinking and responsible approach to our future energy needs are too important to ignore: economic development, new job creation, and cleaner air and water.